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Stone Veneers in Adelaide:
Frequently Asked Questions


How many kinds of sandstone, bluestone, limestone etc are there available ?
Sandstone : Flatface, Henpecked, Bolstered Edge, Rockface.
Bluestone : Flat Face, Bolstered Edge, Rockface.

How many different colours and can I get samples ?
There are many different colours and samples are freely supplied when a quote is requested.

How long will the work take to complete ?
Depending on the size of the house, approximately 1 week.

Are some stones more expensive/better quality than others - why ?
Some stones are cheaper because they have less attractive textures or colours to choose from.

What type of texture finishes are there to choose from ?
Basically a flat sawn surface or a three dimensional rough bolstered face, are the most common.

Will it be a structural change to the house ?
No. Sandstone or Bluestone veneers are simply a decorative upgrading cladded to the brickwork.

Do I need council approval ?

Is there a warranty on workmanship ?
Yes. Standard workmanship warranties apply.

Could you briefly explain the process from our initial meeting up to the finished product.
The stone selection is achieved through viewing samples and looking at existing homes. The stone is installed to brickwork or masonite cladding, pointing then done to achieve a traditional look then painted lines to the joints of the stonework to enhance the pattern.

Do you do Builder’s homes ?
Yes. Please contact us if you are constructing through a builder.

Where can I see some of the stonework ?
A comprehensive sample selection is available on this site as well as a photo album and list of existing homes.

Why should I choose you over somebody else ?
A strong personalised focus, from the initial meeting, selection process, to the total installation and completion of job is done by the same person.

How long have you been in business ?
27 years, specialising in front facade upgrades to new and existing homes.


Having had many years experience in the stone and plaster business we understand what people really want.

1. Piece of mind that the money they spend on the enhancement of the front of their home will look great, be of high quality and importantly add value to their home.

2. We offer a friendly personlised service. We plan the rendered Quoins, Window Band designs and can offer a huge range of different stones to choose from.

3. The person you first meet is the same person who will meet you again to start the actual stonework application. There are no areas of uncertainty - both the client and the tradesman knows exactly what is required.

4. Adelaide Stone and Plaster has succeeded in providing excellent service over many years. The fact that we are consistently the most price competitive stone company in Adelaide is because the same person quotes, supplies the stone, supervisors the plastering and installs the stone - reducing our costs enormously thus providing unbeatable value for our clients.