Stone Repointing & Restoration in Adelaide


Sandstone and bluestone houses will require repointing as the years go by. Whether it is a full repointing job where the whole front facade of a building needs new mortar installed to the joints or just a few cracks repaired and new mortar installed and new painted lines is something we are happy to provide advice on. We have a long history of repointing many of Adelaide's older bungalows, tudors, villas and conventional homes. We also will repoint the brickwork if needed either in traditional slightly recessed joint style or pointing with painted lines to joints.

The process involves removing the cracked or discoloured mortar from the joints, cleaning the stone, high pressure cleaning if required, repointing in a off white coloured mortar for sandstone, limestone walls. For bluestone we can use a black or off white coloured mortar depending on personal tastes. From here an indentation is installed to the mortar and finally white or black painted lines are installed to the joints.

The whole process can take 2-3 days depending on the size of the dwelling and the budget the owner wishes to work to. Having been involved in the business for many years i know that owners are sometimes completely unaware of what cost is involved in repointing.

I do know that it is essential to maintain your stone work and some stones will need replacing as they deteriorate, this is something which we can advise and provide the necessary stone installation.

The repointing of your stone home will certainly enhance its street appeal, provide protection for the stone itself and help with avoiding salt damp issues.

We will be happy to provide a free quotation expert experienced advice and highly competitive prices.

As one of Adelaide's few repointers who use a mortar gun, we are able to provide a better complete infill of the joint and also do the the job more time effective thus we will not get beaten on price.